Our design techniques may subvert your concepts:


“Design first, then buy the property”

Before buying or renting a house, you must have a thorough understanding of the unit’s layout and space modification conditions. When spending tens of millions of dollars, you should never make a decision simply based on the price per square foot and area. You will regret it when you take over the property. The best time for designers to enter the market is during the viewing period. We will help you make a thorough consideration to make the largest investment in your life.


“Don’t talk about style, just talk about experience”

There is no such thing as Japanese style, Nordic style or industrial style in this world – these terms are just non-professionals molding design concepts to attract attention. We firmly believe that the memories and visions of the household owner can be transformed into the soul and experience of the entire space.


“Design is an applied science”

We do not simply pursue beautiful photos, or only check in within one month of moving in. Instead, we repeatedly refine the precise size and layout based on environmental science, ergonomics and space psychology to create a truly comfortable and functional home that can be used every day. A home that fosters family bonding and adapts to the needs of the householder over time.


“Design is also an art that can bring happiness to people.”

If from the beginning of the project to the completion and move-in, we can make users trust us, improve their lives, and even feel a little happy, that will be our greatest achievement. This is our original intention to study Hong Kong’s residential space and user experience.