Cozy All-In-One Studio Flat

Net Area: 272 sqft

In the small studio-style unit, the living space requirements of a young couple were met one by one.
Standard double bed, desk, tall wardrobe, fully equipped kitchen, dining space,
The TV cabinet, even the double sofa, etc., all subtly coexist in this space. Designed with care, no compromises required.

User: 2 pax, Young Couple

Major Requirements:

  • Standard sized furniture in the small flat
  • Individual Kitchen, Dining and Living area
  • Partitioned sleeping area
  • Maximized daylight


Scope of work:

  • Design proposal
  • Sawa method home organization consulting 
  • Customized built-in furniture
  • Loose furniture proposal
  • Waterpipe, electricity and pumping works
  • Painting and tiles works
  • Lighting and Fixtures