Cronin Garden - Minimalist Urban House

Net Area: 800 sqft

The young couple’s apartment may seem to be an ordinary minimalist home but the details are totally a game changer. The full-fledged enclosed kitchen provides the owners a happy place for all the cooking experiments. Storage space has been thoughtfully designed to ensure there is enough room for two newborns and two cats, keeping everything neat and organized. Lighting in different areas can be adjusted depending on the atmosphere needed from relaxing to watching movies, or from reading to dining. This combination of shades, textures and elegance shows the thorough thoughts behind this inspiring home transformation.

User: 5 pax, An elderly & Young couple with 2 newborns

Major Requirements:

  • Storage space for newborn babies and cats
  • Maximised daylight and ventilation
  • Optimal light setting for different use – movie, dining, reading, relaxation etc
  • Enclosed kitchen with full equipment and appliances

Scope of work:

  • Design proposal
  • Sawa method home organization consulting 
  • Customized built-in furniture
  • Loose furniture proposal
  • Waterpipe, electricity and pumping works
  • Painting and tiles works
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Smart home setup