Spatial Design Requirement Questionnaire
  • Thank you for taking your precious time to fill in the following requirement form. The designer will read it carefully and sort it out.
  • If you are unsure about a question or option, you can leave it blank and wait for further guidance from the designer.

Part 1:Customer Information

Question 1: Please input your details, like age, constellations, occupation. (Pet(s) is/are inclusive.) 

Part 2: Entryway

Part 3: Living Room

Part 4: Dining room

Part 5: Kitchen

Part 6: Bathroom

Part 7: Master bedroom

Part 8: Master bedroom bathroom

Part 9: Kid’s Room (Boy)

Part 10: Kid’s Room (Girl)

Part 11: Study

Part 12: Elder’s Room

Part 13: Others

Part 14: Home