LKKC Library - A Haven for Book Lovers

The library has long been associated with certain stereotypes. Many people think of it as a quiet and lonely place, filled only with books and silence.


However, our design team goes beyond these stereotypes and sees the diversity and value of the library, fully utilizing this precious resource. We believe that the library is not only a place of knowledge and learning but also a space for socializing and creativity. That’s why we have created a literary-inspired seating area and a cozy corner by the well-lit windows, making the library a popular spot for students and teachers alike!


Upon arriving at this library, we were amazed to discover its more than forty years of history. This space is of great importance for teaching, learning, and fostering connections among students and faculty. It particularly focuses on providing personal and self-study spaces.


Our main design objective was to change the flow and prominently position the book borrowing counter. We wanted to “give back” the other spaces to the users. This change resulted in an open and visually transparent effect, with hanging white light bulbs that create a comfortable and lively reading atmosphere. Along the walls, we have placed lounge seating, bar-style seats, and internet zones, allowing people to enjoy the world within books under the bright sunlight. Additionally, we have designated areas for teaching and self-study, using chairs of different colors to add vibrancy to the space. In every corner of this library, beautiful moments of “reading” come to life!


The most distinctive feature is the eye-catching circular bookshelves and reading nooks placed in the center of the library, attracting people to capture the perfect photo.


Moreover, the library can also utilize its exhibition space to host various activities such as book clubs, lectures, and exhibitions, providing students with more opportunities to engage and interact. It serves as a gathering place for knowledge and culture, offering a shared space for learning and collaboration within the school community.