Pavilia Farm I - Chic House

Net Area: 528 sqft

This unit has two narrow corridors, which wasted a certain amount of storage and space for use. From the gate to the corridor of the rooms, there must be a passage for circulation so that the dining table can only be as small as 1m wide in the dining room area, which is really difficult to use. Therefore, transforming the kitchen into an open plan can greatly increase the space of the dining room. Moving the door of the study room to the left can turn the room into a U-shaped storage space, with more cabinets being placed than before. Overall, this project offers a sleek and functional design that subtly combines its modern appeal with practicality and comfort. From the clean lines and angles to the efficient use of storage, the project creates an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable – while displaying chic contemporary style.

User: 2 pax, Young Couple with future plan for baby

Major Requirements:

  • Flexible planning for adding new family member
  • Study room for work-from-home
  • Neat and organized storage
  • Maximized daylight and emphasize the view from window

Scope of work:

  • Design proposal
  • Sawa method home organization consulting 
  • Customized built-in furniture
  • Loose furniture proposal
  • Waterpipe, electricity and pumping works
  • Painting and tiles works
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Smart home setup